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Look no further than this iOS/Android app, which lets you do the workout of the day at a host of boxes, then tracks your performance on a global leaderboard. BEST FOR RECOVERY: Calm ($60 after seven-day trial) Need to de-stress? Take a deep breath, pull out your iPhone, and boot up this app, which includes everything from voice-guided programs for sleep, meditation, and the calming of anxiety to a series of nature backdrops. The ultimate proof Calm works: Its thunderstorm background is actually relaxing. BEST FOR HOME WORKOUTS: Seven (Free with in-app purchases) Have seven minutes? Then you can fit in an easy workout anytime, anywhere (even your office) with Seven, which blends bodyweight moves with simple instructions to keep you moving long enough to get your heart pumping. BEST FOR RUNNING: Weav Run (Free) Studies have shown that your running pace often keeps up with the tempo of your music. Weav Run capitalizes on that with a collection of popular tunes that can be manually sped up or slowed down to cater to your desired running intensity. A bonus: It can get you hyped for a weight-room workout, too. BEST OVERALL CHAIN: LifeTime Athletic Workout paradise! There’s something for everyone at LifeTime, which, depending on location, can house everything from Olympic lifting platforms to basketball and tennis courts to rock-climbing walls under one roof.

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