Isometric Active Release

Within Weeks, They Had Strengthened His Back And Core So He Could Continue Bringing Home A Mostly Painless Paycheck.

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Elise, owner of a nearby wellness center called Human@Ease, encouraged him to come in for a rehabilitative workout focusing on his back. "One of the most important things for restaurant workers is to do lower-back exercises, because the lower back is constantly working to stabilize you," Elise says. Raub began working out on low-intensity machines with Elise, who treats many of the borough's bartenders, servers and chefs. Within weeks, they had strengthened his back and core so he could continue bringing home a mostly painless paycheck. "I've had positive gains in building muscle mass in just a couple low-intensity, 20-to-30-minute sessions a week, and improvements in the areas that are fatigued through bartending, like my lower back," Raub says. "People can do this job for a while, but I think for people in my age group of mid-to-late 30s, it's taxing and you need to find a way to be healthy long-term — or you need to get out." Dy Elise has Casey Raub come in for a couple of low-intensity, 20-to-30-minute sessions a week to strengthen the areas that are fatigued through bartending, like his lower back. Tom Brenner for NPR hide caption The average leisure and hospitality employee stays at one job for only 2.2 years. With hazardous working conditions and low rates of health benefits, high levels of attrition are hardly surprising. With a chef shortage , attrition is costly and retention is vital for the restaurant industry. Chefs may love cooking, servers may have a passion for hospitality, and bartenders may excel at making drinks, but a harsh working environment may knock some would-be long-termers out of the game early.

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